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Welcome to Spanish Class

Your child will have Spanish class once a week for a forty-minute period. My class will be conducted mostly in Spanish 80% and 20% English. Throughout the course of the year, each unit taught will be based on a final project and I will provide bountiful opportunities for your child to discover the language and culture of different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. 


Student’s will be monitoring their progress by having a Project Based Assessment (P.B.A.) per marking period. Most of the homework are share via Google Classroom. Our evaluation system will consist of Class Participation, Homework, and Collaborative work with their classmates and Tests (see rubric).


Thank you in advance for your interest in being part of your child education. Children need to explore every avenue in the community to learn and grow in a healthy atmosphere, with the help of everyone around him.  


                                                 “It takes a village to raise a child”.

                                                            Jane Cowen-Fletcher