Eliu Pomales » Class Rules

Class Rules

  1.     -Raise your hand before speaking.
  2.      -Listen to others and participate in class discussions.
  3.      -Use the pencil sharpener during no instructional time.
  4.      -Stay on task.
  5.     -Do your assignments.
  6.      Bring materials and have them ready.
  7.     -Listen to directions.
  8.     -Cooperate with your group.
  9.     -Pick up after yourself.
  10.     -Leave other people's materials alone.
  11.    -Do not interrupt other’s students' learning.
  12.     -Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  13.     -Keep your hands clean and take care of personal hygiene in the restroom during breaks.
  14.     -No vandalism. Do not write or carve on your desk or school property.
  15.     -Treat computers with care. (Chromebook)
  16.     -Absolutely no food, drink, gum, or candy permitted.
  17.    -Not electronic device, (Cell Phone).