School Nurse

Welcome to J.F.Kennedy School Health Office Website:

Nurse: Rafiatou Raimi, NJ-CSN, BSN, RN

Email: [email protected]

phone: 201-974-7044

fax: 201-974-1288


Nurse Assistant: Ms. Melissa Rosillo

Message to Parents and Guardians,


These are challenging times filled with uncertainty and concerns that are impacting our entire communities and our country. In the next few weeks, we will work remotely from home due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in our District. But for now, we have to face the unknown with the assurance that we can work through these challenging times.

All of us are nervous as we adapt to this new reality, so seize any chance to relax and laugh.

When we do consider what is happening, remember to remain calm and be reassuring. Our children will respond to both what we say and how we say it. We must be role models for our kids in terms of following recommended guidelines for how to manage COVID-19. Children are intensely watching our actions even more than our words. Credible sources like the Center for Disease Control provide the best guide for helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It is essential to pay attention to what children see or hear in the media. Consider reducing the amount of screen time focused on COVID-19. Too much information can lead to anxiety because it becomes overwhelming. Provide information that is honest, accurate, and age-appropriate.


Lastly I have forwarded my office number to my cell phone, feel free to call during my office hours (8:30 AM-3:07PM) if you have any concerns or questions.


Be well and Safe, even if we are physically apart, we are in this together.


Nurse Rafi # KennedyschoolStrongthertogether.

In order to promote the educational development of your child, both mentally and physically, the North Bergen Board of Education has established a modern Health Service Department. It is the policy of this department to stress the healthful aspect of living and the prevention of illness and disease.