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Making a few small simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in the heart healthy habits for your family. And there is good news, each little change can make a big difference in the long run for you all. Get creative with these helpful suggestions.

  1. Find free time for physical activity.  Take walks after dinner, have the kids join a sport team, even do an exercise video.  Pick two 30 minute time slots a week for activity time. Every little bit counts.
  2. Plan a weekly menu.  Go shopping for fresh food and prep meals in advance of the busy week when needed.  With the use of the internet there are an abundance of simple healthy meals you can prepare, some with only 3-4 ingredients needed.  Try to avoid processed foods.
  3. Simplify the families schedule.  Make time to sit together at the dinner table a fews times a week to talk and reconnect with each other.  Help one another with stress management.
  4. Take it slow.  Getting heart healthy is a journey, ease into lifestyle changes.
  5. Get the whole family involved.  The kids can help choose healthy meals, assist in preparation of the meals and help clean up around the house.  Housework gets us up and moving… counts as activity too!!
  6. Finally, live by example.  Walk the walk and talk the talk! Eat right, get enough rest, don’t smoke and get up and out.  Connect with people face to face, friendship connections are important with health and stress reduction.  Have a positive attitude.  

Nobody’s perfect, but with a little determination and motivation, your family can make heart healthy decisions so simple they will become your normal way of living. For more healthy ideas visit the American Heart Association at or