Name: Seham Escheik
School: John F. Kennedy
Grade: 1-8
Subject Area: Guidance Counselor
Phone: 201-974-7041 
Supervisor of Elementary Guidance: Theresa Rabelo
I've been working with the North Bergen District for many years. I was a 4th grade teacher for two years. I then spent two years as a high school guidance counselor and now I have been the guidance counselor at J. F Kennedy Elementary School for five years now. I decided to further my education and I received my Supervisor's Certificate in 2012.

I am the Anti-Bullying Specialist and my main goal is to promote and build a positive school climate. I handle with the I&RS/504 Committee to help assist students who are academically struggling.
It is my pleasure to steer students in the right direction, and to comfort them along the way.
What is a school counseling program?

A school counseling program reaches every student, regardless of affiliation, and strives to focus on the knowledge and attitude needed for successful academic achievement and personal/social growth. A school counselor serves as an advocate for all the students in their respective schools.
School counselor would like to remind you to please be sure to keep up with all your school assignments during the school closure. I am here to help you with any questions or concerns. Please feel free to email me at  Thank you and stay safe. 
I created a google classroom for all students to join. A great tool to stay connected and for easy access of communication. The code for my Classroom: aweinsm