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Character Ed. & Student Council (School Climate)

 Student Council

Kennedy School Student Council Activities:

· Food Drive for PERC (Palisades Emergency ResidenceCorporation)

· Blanket Drive for PERC

· Pennies for Patients (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)

· Caught in the Act (Character Education Program)

· Kennedy Corner (School Store)

· Carnation Day

· Spirit Week

· SmencilsSpring Sale

· Help our KTO with Blimpie order
Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act is a character education program focused on recognizing our students performing positive behavior.

The focus of our program:

Any student who is displaying good character will be recognized each month for his/her actions. A “Caught in the Act” certificate and reward will be given to any student who is displaying any of the pillars of good character. These can either be towards their peers in the classroom or to anyone else throughout the school.


All school staff members are encouraged to catch students demonstrating a positive attitude or action towards another. Catch those students displaying the Pillars of Character and give them a “Caught in the Act” certificate!

When you “catch” a student exhibiting one of the pillars of character, fill out a “fish slip” and send the student to either room 319 (Mrs. Colli) or 321 (Mrs. Calhoun) for their certificate and reward. The “fish slips” will be displayed on a bulletin board outside the main office and their name will be announced during the morning announcements. The student’s name will also be placed in a fishbowl in the main office for a monthly drawing for a gift card to a local eatery. Three names will be chosen randomly each month.

Students in grades 1-4 will receive a pencil and scholastic book while students in grades 5-8 will receive a pencil and a free homework pass. The students will be instructed that they have to ask their teacher BEFORE using the homework pass as to which assignment they wish to use it for. It is at the discretion of the teacher as to which homework assignment the student can apply the pass to. At the end of each month three names will be randomly drawn and these students will receive a gift card to a local eatery.

Pillars of Good Character