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I am certified Spanish Teacher K-12. I have been teaching here at John F. Kennedy School for four year. I taught Advanced Placement  Spanish and AP Spanish Literature and Culture, 9th-12th Grade, for 7 years. Spanish I, 2, 4 and Composition 5, 9th-12th Grade for 8 years. I received my Bachelor’s Degree at NJC University in Modern Languages BA- Spanish. In addition, I received my Master’s Degree at Salamanca University in Spanish Language and Culture; I receive a Diploma of Advance Studies in Christian Ministry and Theology at Spanish Eastern Bible Institute; I receive a Diploma of Computer Programming at Electronic College and Computer Programming and second Diploma in Airline & Travel Career. I am also a college student continuing with my education at UNNI Puerto Rico University, Ph.D. in Education. 


“Porque los hechos son siempre vacíos, son recipientes que tomarán la forma del sentimiento que los llene...”

Juan Onetti