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Uniform Non-Compliance


The following is the procedure for students in non-compliance with the mandatory school uniform policy:

1st Offense:
Parent/Guardian must be appropriate uniform to school.  Parental/Guardian notification by phone call by the school administrators.

2nd Offense:  
Parent/Guardian must bring appropriate uniform to school.  Parent/Guardian notification letter from the building principal.  The letter must be signed and returned by the next day.  Student will receive one day detention.

3rd Offense:
Parent/Guardian must bring appropriate uniform to school.  The parent/guardian will be required to attend a conference with the school/building principal.  Students will receive two consecutive days detention.

4th Offense:
Student in non-compliance will be placed in the main office until the notified parent brings the appropriate uniform to school.  Student will receive one week of detention.

School administrators will work prudently to refrain from excluding student due to non-compliance of the mandatory school uniform policy.  Exclusions from school sponsored activities will be implemented ONLY when positive measures have been exhausted.