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Google Classroom Google Classroom is the interactive version of our class. Assignments, tests, and daily announcements will be displayed in google classroom.

Class Code: t7h5jdz
Storyworks Magazines Class code is: Citro 2020
Pearson Realize Ready Gen is the new reading series that we are using this year. We will be reading trade books together as a class, learning various skills a few pages at a time. This website brings the reading series alive, allowing students to have stories read to them and use games to further practice skills we learned in class.

Envisions is also part of Pearson Realize, this will be used for math. Assignments, tests, and additional practice for certain topics and skills will be assigned using this website.
News ELA This ELA website gives articles on current events for students to read and take a short quiz on, to see if they comprehend what they read. Students are able to search for topics of their choosing and read articles that adhere to their interests.
MobyMax Moby Max is aligned to our curriculum in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies. This website places students on their individual academic levels and every time they play, they will practice skills that they are showing difficulty in. Once the computer thinks that they are ready to test that skill, it will generate a test for them to see how well they've mastered it. It is all personal and individualized placements.