Science Log/ Two Column Notes Grade 5/6 Science

Science Notebooks
Science Logs are created to teach students how to take notes during class lectures or independently. Students learn to design notes tailored to their learning style. The Two Column Note structure is used to assist students organize their information. These logs foster independence and will help students maximize their potential.
What Should Two Column Notes Look Like In The Science Log?

Two Column Note Format for Science

The heading listed below must appear at the top of every page.

Title of Slide Presentation             Week of Full Date _________

Main Idea ( left side) <---------------------> Details (right side)

(red)                                                (underline vocabulary in a color)

The main idea or question should     The details should include

be written as one statement or            vocabulary,examples, images,

question.                                               and facts that relate to the main




Next Main Idea                                      Details


  • Remember to improve notes on a daily basis. Check that the form at is complete and correct.
  • Pictures and images should be small and place in the appropriate detail space.
  • If you are absent or miss notes it is your responsibility to make up the work. You may use a group members notes to assist.
  • Journal entries are the only work placed in your Science Log besides the Two Column Notes.
  • Journal entries will be assigned once a week.

Journal Entry Template

The following format must be used when completing journal entries.

Journal assignments will be given 1 time a week to reflect on what you learned.

                                                                                        Journal Entry (# colored green)

(top line) First and Last Name                                             Full Date _________________

(2nd line)   Ch. #             Topic Underlined___________________

Each journal entry should include the 3 following components.

  • This week I learned………..( this information should come from the Two Column Notes)
  • I thought __________________ was interesting because…………( your opinion)
  • I would like to know more about ………….( what would you like to further research)

Top Down Topic Webs