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How To Prepare For Assessments

What should be done at home to prepare for tests?Image result for images of studying

1. New vocabulary is typically given on Mondays. Your child may define the terms, using the text glossary, Google classroom slides or the internet. After the terms are defined the child should review them several times. Students should also review and improve their Science Logs (notes) and SS notebooks.


2. On Tuesday night students should complete homework if assigned and also review the google classroom notes on the week's topic. Science Logs should also be improved (add details, diagrams, pictures etc.)


3. On Wednesday night students should complete homework if assigned, review/improve notes and actively begin studying for test day.


4.Thursday nights are reserved for test preparation. Students should review all vocabulary and key concepts outlined in the Google classroom notes for that week. Science Logs will be checked and scored on Friday. SS notebooks (voc/comp) will also be checked weekly.

5.Friday is usually designated for assessments which are given on Link It via the Chrome Books.

What can I do as a parent or caretaker?

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1. Ask about assignments daily.

2. Ask to check work to make sure it is complete, including Science Log.

3. Require that the child review Google notes/log each night.

4. Keep and open line of communication with the child's teacher.