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Mr. Castillo's Music Page!

Hello parents and students! 
My name is Valdemar Castillo and I am the general music teacher for Kennedy Elementary. This is my first year teaching here and I am very excited and honored to be sharing a classroom with my students. I am a professional trumpet player who's played with The Princeton Symphony Orchestra, and the Eastern Wind Symphony. To play music is a big passion of mine. 
I come from Jersey City and I understand the importance of exposure to music especially during grammar school. A lot of kids don't have the opportunity to experience relevant and fun music and I have made it my mission to make sure each student gets the fun musical experience they deserve. In my classroom, we will/have played on the various instruments of the room. These include BoomWhackers, Orff Intruments, and various percussion instruments from Latin and African origin. It is also my goal to ensure music literacy among the students. The goal is for students to understand basic musical notation and have meaningful, RELATABLE, experiences with it. And of course, the goal is to have fun while doing so! 
I also run the choir! If you would like to see our schedule and our upcomming performances please head on over to the Choir page! 
If you want to reach me, please email me at [email protected]!