Stephanie Le Jeune » Welcome to P.E.A.K.!

Welcome to P.E.A.K.!

Providing Enrichment & Accelerated Knowledge 

The Gifted and Talented P.E.A.K. program was created for the advanced learners of the North Bergen School District. This AMAZING program enhances students' critical thinking skills, creative & imaginative thinking, research abilities, problem solving skills, and promotes independence & responsibility.
Do you enjoy a good challenge? Hands-on projects? Are you competitive? Responsible? A leader? Are you the brightest one in your class? Then, P.E.A.K. is for YOU! 
Fun facts about ME!
  • I've ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher! 
  • I speak TWO other languages- French- oui oui! & Spanish- un poquito! Currently learning Greek!
  • I've TRAVELED to more than 24 countries- traveling inspires me 
  • This is my 15th YEAR teaching!
  • I completed my Undergraduate Degree from Monmouth University and MASTERS DEGREE from The College of New Jersey
  • I LOVE Beyonce! 
  • I work at my family's restaurant on the weekends! 
  • My FAVORITE SUBJECT is history! 
  • I LOVE to laugh, be positive, and enjoy life!
Providing Enrichment & Accelerated Knowledge 
Office Phone: (201)974-7036