James Pizzi, School Psychologist and member of North Bergen professional staff since September 1995 and pleased to be back once again at JFK School.  Our CST office is in the 3rd floor atrium. 
     In my role as school psychologist, I perform psychological assessments for referred and classified students, write IEPs and run counseling sessions.  I also meet with my students and their teachers on a regular basis.  
     To parents of the students, I case manage please call me at (201) 974-7037.  During the Covid outbreak,I stay just slightly beyond my assigned hours of 4PM,  I would like to hear from you with questions or concerns regarding your child's progress.  You could also e-mail me, at jpizzi@northbergen.k12.nj.us  However, I would prefer to speak with you. 
  The last three years I have coordinated a chess club at Kennedy.  However, with no students in the building, I am waiting to see how the year proceeds.  If students begin to return a bit later in the year, I will attempt to coordinate some form of this club during the latter part of the year..   .
I hold an MA degree in Ed. Psych and a Professional Diploma from Kean College now Kean University, a Master of Arts in Teaching from what was Trenton State College now the College of New Jersey and a MA in history from Penn State University.    
    I return to the office on August 18th, 2020.  My Phone line is back on and the voice-mail is working.  Please for the present time reach me at my dedicated line (201) 974-7037 or e-mail me at jpizzi@northbergen.k12.nj.us.  On Wednesdays will be working virtually from home and reach me at my cell phone number of (908) 415-6541   
        Here are a few websites and/or phone numbers which can act as resources for your child and yourself.  
                   Math                                                  ELA
        www,thinkcentral.com                         www.starfall.com
        www.khanacademy.org                       www.funbrain.com
        Family Support Resources          
        Perform Care-1-877-652-7624 
        North Hudson Community Action Program (201) 330-2632 


Wednesdays during the school year

Hell parents on Wednesday, I can be reached at my cell no. as we are working remotely on that day.  (908) 415-6541.  

Video for parents night

Hello parents, pleaise check out the CST virtual classroom in my posts it is a video conducted ny teammate talking about our roles on the Child Study Team 

Phone number for today

Hello parents, I will be working from home again today October 14th should be back in the office tomorrow on Thursday the 15th.  Please reach me at (908) 415-6541 today.-Jim Pizzi

Schedule changes

Hello parents, I will be working at home on Tuesday the 13th, please reach me at (908) 415-6541-Jim Pizzi

I will be working from home tomorrow and Wednesday the 7th.  Please call me at (908) 415-6541-Jim Pizzi

For Tuesday and Wednesday of this school week, I will be working from home.  To reach me on my cell number, please call (908) 415-6541.  I will be back in the office on Thursday October 8th at my usual number (201) 974-7037-James Pizzi  

My phone is back on and the voice mail is taking messages.  Please reach me at (201) 974-7037.  Will not doing late hours in the office beyond dismissal time during the fall 2020.  

Asking my parents, if you or your child requires additional support, please fill out the one or both of these forms and submit.

My Resolution for the 2019-2020 School Year

For the present school year, I resolve to become a more efficient worker who works smarter rather than harder thus leaving more time for communicating with my students and colleagues.

Chess Group

Will be having an organizational meeting on December 11th from 12:40 until 12:55 PM in the upstairs atrium.