Pomales Spanish Class 1-2-108 Assignments

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Life Cycle plate 🦋/Ciclo de la Mariposa in Google Classroom

Life Cycle plate 🦋/Ciclo de la Mariposa

Marking Period Project- Life Cycle plate (Butterfly).
First, color each stage of the butterfly.
Second, cut each stage of the butterfly.
Third, glue each stage on the plate and connect each stage wit arrow
Latsly, write each stage in Spanish. 
Stages in Spanish: 
Huevo (Eggs)
Crisalidad (Chrysalis)
Oruga (Caterpilar)
Mariposa (Butterfly)
Students will receive a copy of the four stages of a butterfly from their teachers.

Past Assignments


El viaje de la mariposa Monarca - Assignment 🦋 in Google Classroom

El viaje de la mariposa Monarca - Assignment 🦋

First, listen to todo sobre la oruga.

Second, listen to todo sobre la mariposa.
Lastly, practice with Ciclo de vida de la mariposa interactive worksheet and to do El viaje de la mariposa monarca assigment. 


☀️Days of the week in Google Classroom

☀️Days of the week

First: Watch the video about the days of the week.

Second: do the Spanish day of the week worksheet. 


🪑Classroom Objects in Google Classroom

🪑Classroom Objects

First, take a look at the images in the worksheet. Then, just find out what the proper name for each of these classroom objects in Spanish is. If you are a student, please try to identify the color of each object and make sentences with them just like the ones on the bottom of the worksheet.


Commands in Google Classroom


To open joinmyquiz.com
And enter this code  3467 5337


🗣️Commands II in Google Classroom

🗣️Commands II

Quizlet will be used to practice the new vocabulary. Students will be exposed to flashcards, writing, learning, and a test during the quizlet. 
First, practice vocabulary with Flashcard
Second, practice writing the vocabulary.
Third, learn 
Lastly,  do the test.


💂Commands in Google Classroom


Watch the video about Commands in the classroom. 
Match the commands in Spanish with the correct picture.


🅰️Vowel sounds in Google Classroom

🅰️Vowel sounds

This video lesson focuses on pronunciation of the vowel letters and vowel sounds in Spanish.


Create a puppet (All about Me)   in Google Classroom

Create a puppet (All about Me)

Marking Period Project- Create a puppet (All about Me)

First: Use the paper bag to design or create your puppet 
Second: Use the all about me description to design your puppet
Third: Take a picture of the paper puppet and upload it to Google Classroom


🥕Fruits and Vegetables in Google Classroom

🥕Fruits and Vegetables

Practice the flash cards of Fruits and vegetables in Spanish using Quizlet.


🐏Farm Animals/Animales de Granja - Assignment in Google Classroom

🐏Farm Animals/Animales de Granja - Assignment

They will practice identifying these terms and using them in conversational sentences.


💠Shapes  in Google Classroom


Saying different shapes.     

"¿Qué es esto?"  Circulo, ovalado, rectángulo.


🍭Colors/Colores in Google Classroom


Students will learn the colors in Spanish and color each image on assignment.


Open House video in Google Classroom

Open House video

Mark up done.


Greetings/Saludos in Google Classroom


Correctly pronounce and use several basic greetings in Spanish
Correctly pronounce and use introduction questions and responses in Spanish
Compose basic conversations utilizing Spanish greetings and introductions