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Mystery Readers

Mystery Readers are special guests who visit classrooms to read to our students. Mystery Readers can be parents, grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives. Students love to see their parents, grandparents, and special guests get involved in our classroom. The Mystery Reader program allows any one who wants to become involved because it requires little time, but the memories will last forever for the surprised students!
If you're interested in becoming a Mystery Reader you may contact the main office at (201) 974-7000, email your child's teacher, or simply drop by the school to let us know. We'll be happy to sign you up!


2100 88th Street
North Bergen, New Jersey 07047
TICKETS: $10.00
Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Room 201 News

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The Woman's History Month Edition*

Kennedy book Fair

Book fair will be open to parents on the week of April 8th-April 12th. Doors are open on the following times 10am-11am and 1pm-2pm.
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