Fabiola Sepulveda » Welcome to Mrs. Sepulveda's ELA Class!!!

Welcome to Mrs. Sepulveda's ELA Class!!!

Hello all! my name is Mrs. Fabiola Sepulveda, but most call me Mrs. S. I am a detailed-oriented individual with experience in researching historical, archaeological, and anthropological topics usings a variety of methodologies. I have my bachelors in History/Anthropology and my Master's in Archaeology/Anthropology, with my primary focus in Zooarchaeology. My knowledge/expertise aid in my pursuit in investigating as a part to help formulate a larger narrative through educating the young minds of the future in the arts of ELA. 
That being stated, What led me to want to teach is my overall pursuit of knowledge and wanting to share it with others. This is because I believe that teachers can learn just as much from their students as they do from us educators, which can result in the formation of a healthy bond and openness between teachers and students. I feel that by taking their thoughts/ideas into account, it can be used as a great tool in formulating a better critical thinking skills, having sufficient classroom management, and making lessons more enjoyable. And in the field of ELA, students can use their ways of thinking, beliefs, experiences, and more to produce great written pieces, partake in classroom discussions, to express themselves in a postive, fun, and safe environment. 
I look forward to meeting all of you! And remember, I am only an email away. 
My Philosophy:
As Teachers, parents, administrators, etc., we have the opportunity to provide our students with the skills they need to become secure, happy, and independent. In high school, I remember my principal made a speech to incoming freshmen; "everyone involded in your education needs to take learning seriously so when you grow up, you won't have to tell yourself no to what you want most in life." This quote stayed with me because it made me realize that helping children become successful adults starts in the classroom. I teach because I want my students to grow up taking their education seriously so they are able to support themselves one day and accomplish whatever their hearts are set on. I want them to be prepared for the struggles that the real world can bring. Being a teacher allows me to be a guide to students, so they can move forward with a foundation of knowledge and manners that play an integral role in their journey to becoming individuals that better society. 
Educational Background:
  • Elementary School: Horace Mann
  • High School: North Bergen High School
  • Undergraduate Studies: Montclair State University(Majors: History/Anthropology; Minors: Archaeology and Ancient Meditearanean Civilizations.)
  • Graduate Studies: Monmouth University(Major: Anthropology/Archaeology) 
Accomplishments and Awards:
  • Graduated from Master's Program with High Honors
  • Inducted into Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society
  • Completed Archaeological Field School 
Mrs. Fabiola Sepulveda
Grade: 6th
Homeroom Section: 6-1
Classroom #: 302
Subject Area: ELA