Distance Learning

Hello Families, 

Thank you for your commitment to your child's education. Remote Learning has been a challenge for all of us and I am so grateful that our families have been incredibly understanding and communicative. I will continue taking attendance in my Google Classroom by just having the students comment here or present at 9am. In addition to this, students must complete and submit a daily Google Form on our J F Kennedy webpage under Parents Tab between 8:30am-8:55am. A video giving students/parents step by step instructions can be found here: 


I find it important to note that teachers have been instructed to notify our Principal and Guidance Counselor when a child is non-responsive after 3 days. If a student is absent, please complete the Student Absent Form found on the J F Kennedy website under Parents Tab. 

Listed Below is our virtual learning school day. You will notice the school day ends at 1:10pm. The students must also logout using the same form they used in the morning. I will be available to meet or talk to students until 3:00pm. My morning message will be a Google Classroom announcement from our school. In addition, I will be posting a short video to start the day. Below you will find a more detailed schedule that will guide you through our day. 

If you have any questions or concerns, I am available through ClassDojo or email.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Mrs. Orbea



9:25-10:15 At 9:25 students will be able to access my ELA lesson through Google Classroom. They will be reading the daily story and follow the directions to answer questions. They will also be given a writing assignment through Google docs. They may type their writing assignment and complete any activity that pertain to that lesson. If a student did not turn in their assignment they must attempt to finish it later that day. 


10:15-11:05 At 10:15 students will be able to access my Math Lesson through Google Classroom and will be directed to do a Pearson Realize Math assignment. They may complete the assignment and watch the lesson until the period ends at 11:05. If a student did not turn in their assignment they must attempt to finish it later that day. 

I will be assigning homework on Monday and it will be due at the end of the week on Friday by 11:59. This way students will have enough time to complete the assignments.


11:05-11:30 Break - Lunch


11:30-12:45 Students will be assigned Assignments in both ELA and Math. There will be some days that students are requested to work with a teacher such as Ms. Insetta (title 1)  or even myself. During this time frame students will be working in different centers.


12:45-1:10 Students need to go to their special´s google classroom and submit their assignment. 

Monday- Technology with Ms. Morgana :google classroom:

Tuesday-  Music with Mr. Batarseh : visit Mr. Batarseh's webpage to access lessons

Wednesday- Gym with Mr. Quimby: google classroom: qggff7z

Thursday- Art with Ms. Colta : google classroom: yat5t2l

Friday- World Language with  Mr. Pomales: google clasroom: ueskgzz

Start Time

End Time 


8:30 am 

8:55 am

Submit Student/ Parent Attendance via district Google Form

9:00 am

9:25 am 

Login to Google Classroom

  • Attendance: Comment ¨here¨ or ¨present¨
  • Watch short morning video 

9:25 am

10:15 am

RWLIT/ ELA Period  

  • Read story
  • Answer Questions 
  • Do Writing assignment

10:15 am

11:05 am

Math Period

  • Watch visual Learning video
  • Do Solve and Share
  • Do math assignment

11:05 am

11:30 am


11:30 am 

12:45 am


  • studddyladder, splashlearn, Pearson games assignments unless you're requested to meet with a teacher. 

12:45 am


Specials via Google Classroom/ Daily Exercise