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Name: Mrs. Christine Cintron

Grade: 6th

Homeroom Section : 6-3

Classroom #: 300

Subject Areas: Science/Social Studies




Elementary School : Robert Fulton Elementary


High School:  North Bergen High School


Undergraduate Degree: St. Peter's College, Jersey City


Majors: Elementary Education and Psychology


Graduation Status: Salutatorian/ Summa Cum Laude


Awards and Honors:

                             *McNerney Award / Education

                         * Hart Award / Social Sciences

                             * Most Noble Order of the Peacock



                I believe that one important purpose of all human beings is the acquisition of knowledge.We become students of the world from the moment of our birth and enter life with an immeasurable capacity to learn.  Early on we become conscious of this ability through life experiences in nature, at home and in society. It is in such arenas that we as individuals encounter many teachers who will facilitate our learning process.

                     Parents or guardians represent our first teachers; they deserve much commendation for guiding their offspring through the trials and tribulations of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.  These first educators instruct their children on how to communicate, love and succeed. Holding their hand on the first day of school each parent then introduces his son or daughter to their formal educator.

                     Teachers are professionals who impose inspiration to fresh and fertile young minds.  Both first and formal educators prepare these individuals to be self sufficient, and ready for an even higher level of learning, namely college.  At college students are motivated to acquire both social and intellectual independence, as well as high ideals.

                     Our time as students is infinite. Despite our age we continue to grow and learn.  Even we, as teachers, learn by observing children in classrooms and on playgrounds. We witness harmony and enjoyment of life, regardless of race, religion or creed. It is our obligation show students how to apply their knowledge in a moral fashion in order to bring forth peace and goodness to mankind.

                     Teachers aim to arm their students with the knowledge that will enable them to overcome any obstacle they may encounter.  An educator's goal is to acknowledge the dreams of their students and help make those dreams a reality.

      Latin:   "Sceintia et virtus sunt alae quibus ad caelum ascendimus."

      Translation: "Knowledge and virtue are the wings with which we ascend into the heavens."